Terms & Conditions

  1. Contact information is extremely important. Messages can be quickly sent to you via email, but your mailing address is needed to receive the Statement of Entry, instructions for examination days, and to receive the final grades and Certificate. Please make sure you keep all correspondence from EXCEL TUTORS in a safe place.
  2. The UCI (Unique Candidate Identifier) is given to all candidates, and consists of 12 digits and a letter. This is originally given to a candidate that is taking GCSE/IGCSEs or A Levels for the first time. If you have already sat examinations at another centre, you will have a UCI attached to your name. You need to inform us of the UCI so that we can continue to make your examination entries under that number. This will allow exam board to put all of your marks together.
  3. If you have not sat any examinations before, you will not have a Candidate Number. That will be assigned to you, and you will see it on your Statement of Entry, along with our school’s Centre Number. Each examination that you sit will require your unique Candidate Number, as well as the Centre Number. So please take note of the numbers given to you.
  4. If due to special circumstances, you have previously been given additional time to complete examinations, you must inform EXCEL TUTORS at the time of registration. Supporting documentation for additional time allowances is also expected at this time. Unit codes for each syllabus that you are sitting are found in each syllabus, along with the course name. Please check the co de carefully before entering it into the form, as many of the unit codes are similar. EXCEL TUTORS cannot be held responsible for mistakes made on the registration form. To ensure each candidate receives the correct Papers that he or she has studied for, please clearly indicate all paper choices for each subject. For example, Biology 0610 : Paper 1, 3 and 6
  1. EXCEL TUTORS is pleased to enter private candidates for examinations, even if it is not a subject that is currently being taught at the school.
  2. Practical examinations cannot be provided by the school, so candidates should only enter for examinations that have an alternative to practical examinations as an option for assessment.
  3. Coursework cannot be moderated for private candidates, so candidates should only enter for examinations that have an alternative to coursework as an option for assessment.

If you are interested in sitting for a examination at EXCEL TUTORS, please complete the registration form. Please ensure that you have accurately completed the subject name, unit codes for the syllabus, and the papers that you intend to sit (choices include Core, Extended, Alternative to Practical, Alternative to Coursework). If you already sat for examinations in the past, please make sure the Centre Number and Candidate Number are included. Once the registration form is completed, calculate the total payment from the exam officer and pay in full. In case of cancellation of your exams with a sufficient time (depends on exam board dead line) we will refund your exam fees and deduct the £30 per unit/paper from total fees. When your registration and payment is processed, a Statement of Entry will be mailed to your mailing address, or sent to your email address. For your convenience, your individual examination timetable will also be included. Please check over the Statement of Entry carefully for any errors – notify the Excel Tutors Exams officer as soon as possible to resolve any issues. IF there are two examinations timetabled for the same time on the same day, you will take one examination after the other, with a short break between examinations but under centre full supervision. Please note that for all your examinations taken at EXCEL TUTORS, you must bring your Statement of Entry and photo identification (passport/driver’s license) to present to the invigilator.

Please note that there will be NO REFUND of any fees after the first deadline by the exam board or absent of any exams by any reasons.

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