How We Deliver

  1. We pride ourselves in being able to provide tuition in small groups of 2 to 4 students per tutor (and in special circumstances, 1 to 1). This is a highly effective and recognised set-up for teaching and learning, the same system used by Oxford and Cambridge universities for teaching their undergraduate students.
  2. Our focus is to provide valuable support towards a student’s education, tuition tends to be tailored towards the needs and preferences of the students.
  3. Some students are taken through structured study materials and books provided by Excel Tutors that are designed specifically for the tuition sessions. Once a chapter is completed, students are given a chapter test to do in class, with the standard pass mark being 80 percent. This helps to consolidate students’ understanding of the chapters. Results are recorded in individual report books for each student, which parents can see.
  4. Students are also guided through homework, textbooks and revision guides provided by their own schools. This is particularly the case for science tuition. Our tutors will go through these materials with the students, adding thoughtful input drawn from their own higher education experience, and questioning the students on key topics to ensure full understanding.
  5. Our style of tuition keeps the learning aligned with the teaching at school, but valuable supplements and enhances the progress made by students in school lessons, providing better preparation for actual exams. Students are given printed past paper materials from their own exam boards on a regular basis. These must be completed within the set exam time, and handed back to tutors, who then mark the exam papers and provide individual feedback.
  6. We arrange monthly tests and publish the results for parents to see. The student with the highest mark in each of the school years (Year 1 to 13) is recognised with an award. This helps maintain a competitive spirit, which can be healthy towards a student’s learning. All our tutors are instructed to provide regular homework to maintain progress.